Anuraj Gambhir

Anuraj Gambhir is futurist, a speaker, consultant and educator.  Recognised worldwide as a forward-thinking techprenuer,  Anuraj has worked with some of the biggest and brightest companies in the world. He now helps businesses transition into innovative organisations through speaking, consulting and educational engagements.

About Anuraj

Anuraj started his career working with some of the majors in the Telecom Operator World such as Orange, T-Mobile, Optus,  and the GSM Association. Through career progression, these positions were followed by more Innovative vendors like Sharp, Siemens, Ericsson where he was leading in roles such as Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer.

Presently Anuraj is deeply involved with SingularityU as (certified) global faculty, Sydney chapter leader, mentor and curation partner for the Australia Summit (where he has helped spearhead the Tech Hub including a first of it’s type exponential wearable tech fashion show).

Along with the SingularityU commitments, Anuraj teaches and mentors at various global business schools, incubators and accelerators. He consults to start-ups and high-growth companies and delivers keynotes and interactive workshop sessions on emerging mega-trends and exponential technologies.

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Some of the organisations Anuraj has engaged with

Exponential Technology
Domains of Interest

These are some of the wide range of disruptive / exponential technologies and areas that Anuraj has an eye for that will transform our future.


Anuraj Gambhir believes in the philosophy of Abundance, where there are enough resources for mankind - we just need to get smarter to use them better. We are at an interesting juncture in human evolution where technology is growing at an exponential pace and we need to similarly transform our mindset from linear to exponential thinking. This involves adapting open collaborative structures for co-creation and curating relevant ecosystems.

We need to be life-long learners and rapidly adapting these practical implementations with a fail fast – smart experimentation and what Anuraj calls experiating culture. He believes that curiosity, gratitude and deep empathy are key traits we must apply in all our work.  We need to bring Humanity first with the Future of Work that demands creative intelligence at the heart of our progress.

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