As an Innovation catalyst Anuraj assists organizations to spearhead their innovation agenda. He has over 27 years’ experience working across the mobile ecosystem spanning five continents.

Anuraj is a valued advisory board member of several organizations globally, mentoring various Tech start-ups, guiding and leading innovation projects with both small & large organizations.

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It starts with innovation...

Innovation precedes Strategy and as a precursor it must be allowed to stretch out beyond any defined box to start with and later confide in a agreed space. A lot of times organisations limit their thinking, scope at the beginning hence missing on truly disruptive and exponential ideas.

Having a winning Strategy is a critical ingredient to long-term success. Setting out goals and how to achieve them is one side of the equation and not only defining what to do, but also what not to do along the way.

Having access to Product Visionaries to look at key trends from outside the specific industry (adjacent and converging areas) and then having teams that are truly transdisciplinary (with across industries experience and working across multiple disciplines) is an ideal practice in driving innovation once a long-term strategy has been agreed upon.

How Anuraj helps businesses

Anuraj has a wealth of experience working across a multitude of the largest organisations in tech.  Both in an advisory or a consulting role, he can assist businesses with the following:

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Innovation Management

New Product Development

Strategic Planning

Project Consulting

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